Friday, March 19, 2010

Silky's Pub in Bloomfield

Silky's Pub (Bloomfield)
5135 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

LIVE @ Bloomfield Silky's: C-. 1 toilet & urinal w a bootleg cardboard out of order sign inside it. The door locks. Everything is manual. Fairly clean.

Additional Note: These small bathrooms with a single toilet and urinal in addition to a locking door always confuse me. Take, for example, last night. I went to use the restroom and the door was unlocked. I walked in, and there was a man at the sink washing his hands. Due to the small size of the bathroom, I didn't know if I should start doing my business or if I should wait for him to leave. I stood there awkwardly holding the door half-open, until I finally diffused the situation by asking the guy his opinion on whether or not the door should be locked/two men should be in such a bathroom at the same time. He responded with, "I think they just want you to get drunk enough that you don't care anymore." Touche.

(Pictures taken after the original live post. Therefore, no bootleg cardboard sign is visible.)

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