Monday, January 10, 2011

Al's Wine and Whiskey

321 S Clinton St., Syracuse, NY 13202
Grade: C-

Normally I don't come on quite so strong, but I'll just get this out of the way: I hate this bathroom. I really do. There is nothing particularly awful about it, and in all honestly I can't justify giving it a lower grade than I am. It's clean enough, I suppose. But for all of the kitschy library/smoking lounge decor in the bar proper - this is one of the only bars in Armory Square that doesn't give off a bland college, pub or chic ultra lounge vibe - the men's room seems as though it isn't trying at all. It's extremely dark, the walls are pained an uninspired shade of green, and it's disappointing that the sparse wall hangings are nothing but mirrored beer/liquor signs. Really? They couldn't do any better than this?

To add to the frustration, there is only one urinal and one toilet. On a crowded night, you're pretty much guaranteed to have to wait to use the facilities. And of course nothing is automatic.

Update 1/12: I just found a note reminding myself that Al's men's room is equipped with an Xlerator dryer. So my former statement about nothing being automatic is erroneous. Also, despite all of the hating above, I need to give at least some props in any instance of an Xlerator dryer's presence. Best inventions.

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