Saturday, January 15, 2011

William F. Walsh Regional Transportation Center

131 Alliance Bank Pkwy, Syracuse, NY 13208-1297
Grade: D+

Another day, another below-average men's room in central New York. To be totally fair, I expected much worse. This is, after all, a train/bus station bathroom. But I did not encounter any babies taking drugs or sewer people, and in terms of bathrooms that are pretty much going to be nasty no matter what, it wasn't completely off the charts. If given the choice, though, I probably would not sit on any of the toilets.

A major bonus in a dirty bathroom is automatic facilities, and in that category this bathroom scores 80%, with an Xlerator dryer thrown in for good measure. The soap dispensers still need to be pumped by hand. Also, I think it's about time that someone invented an automatically lifting/lowering toilet seat. I would not want to have to use my hand to lower the toilet seat pictured below. 

There was a decent amount of garbage lying around: peep the plastic bag on the back of the toilet seat and the wadded up toilet paper on the floor of the stall. Several surfaces - the mirror and the chrome-plated dryer in particular - are covered with scratched graffiti.

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