Monday, May 9, 2011

Curtis Winery

5249 Foxen Canyon Road, Solvang, CA 93441
Grade: B+

In terms of decoration and convenience, this restroom is really pretty all right. The walls are a simple white but feature two framed pieces of art, the wastebasket is made of wicker and there is a cabinet beside the sink on which you can rest your wine glass or souvenirs. The toilet and sink are manually operated, but the paper towel dispenser and soap dispenser are both automatic. There is also a can of air freshener sitting on the back of toilet, which becomes particularly helpful when considering that this is a...

...unisex bathroom. Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with a unisex restroom (provided that it locks, as this one does). I can understand the need for one if it is a smaller establishment that does not have room for two separate restrooms. But Curtis Winery has two separate restrooms, both of which are unisex. What is the point?  I could see this potentially yielding many red-faced, "do-not-go-in-there" type situations when a member of one sex exits the restroom to find a member of the opposite sex waiting to use it. The management presumably tried to rectify this situation with the aforementioned can of air freshener, but if you smell mad air freshener in the bathroom when you enter, that just means that whoever was in there before you did something just as nasty as if you smelled something... nasty. I lost my train of thought. Unisex bathrooms are awkward.

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