Saturday, April 3, 2010


4923 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
Grade: B-

The Envy men's room gives off the impression of being a crappy restroom dressed up as a nice one. Traces of the hole the bathroom used to be--undoubtedly left over from the establishment's previous life as a "problem" bar in Garfield--remain in the rusting stall and the flimsy door.

Beyond these minor blemishes, though, the restroom has undergone a nice makeover. The floor/wall tiles are clean and more upscale than those found in your typical bar. The sink is an excellent Kenmore model, and the decorative mirror and lights add to the revamped atmosphere. The sink, toilet, urinal and paper towel dispenser are all manually operated.

The one major drawback with this restroom is that the soap dispenser is missing from its mount on the wall. The owners have compensated by placing a pump bottle of hand soap on the edge of the sink, but what little soap remained in the bottle was watered down. It would be nice to keep a few bottles of soap on hand to eliminate this issue until the dispenser is fixed.

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