Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ritter's Diner

Ritter's Diner
5221 Baum Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
Grade: D

You could, I suppose, say that this bootleg excuse for a bathroom adds to the charm of this popular Bloomfield greasy spoon diner. Personally, I say be sure you relieve yourself elsewhere beforehand.

This restroom is graffiti-covered and absolutely filthy. There are three urinals and a toilet stall, though I can't imagine anyone ever willingly rests their bare skin on the seat. Inexplicably, a rather large opening is cut at the bottom of the stall (see picture below) that greatly diminishes privacy were someone to, in some state of emergency, absolutely need to use the toilet. There was no bag in the garbage can--though granted, it was past 3:00am when I visited--and the ceiling vents were caked in dirt and grime. Credit the place with a working sink and soap dispenser.

Given the diner's reputation as a favorite stop for inebriated youth after the bars close, I imagine that all sorts of excrement find their way to unsanctioned regions of this restroom. I would strongly advise against its use if at all possible.

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