Sunday, April 4, 2010

Young Men's Polish American Association

Young Men's Polish American Association
935 Herron Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Grade: D-

This is a weird little bathroom in a weird little place. There's not much to say--the door locks, there is a single toilet with loose rolls of toilet paper resting on the back and one urinal (very low, probably due to the fact that this is an establishment for "young" men). The sink has decent water temperature control, which is pretty much negated by the fact that there is no soap to speak of. The paper towel dispenser interestingly enough is mounted to the door, though there appears to be plenty of wall space. Also, the trash bin is located outside of the bathroom itself. There were very few people present when I attended a DJ night at this place, but I've heard that it can become quite bustling. If that is the case, this bathroom probably gets absolutely disgusting.

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