Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My New House

Hawley Green District
Syracuse, NY
Grade: B+

It's been a minute, but I want to get back into updating this thing on the reg. I've got a whole new city's worth of restrooms to explore!

I'd like to start with the house that we're renting. It was built in 1896 but has been amazingly well maintained. The bathroom itself is a little small, but there are wood floors, plenty of counter space, lots of cubbies for storage, a modern shower head, and vaulted ceilings on one side. Overall, it is charming and cozy.

Usually I stick to public facilities, but I figured to jumpstart the Syracuse adventure I'd give you a peek into where I'm going to be doing the majority of my business for the next year. Stay tuned... there's lots more to come. I promise.

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