Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sparky Town

324 Burnet Ave., Syracuse, NY 13203
Grade: A-

This men's room does a lot with an extremely small space. The facilities are clean and functional, but I really love the little touches such as the exposed brick around the door. There is no wall-mounted paper towel dispenser, but the metal basket used for holding the towels on the back of the toilet is nice. I definitely appreciate the inclusion of a box of tissues, as many restrooms ignore this option and leave you to blow your nose on harsh toilet paper.

The only minor drawback is that it is quite a reach from the toilet to the roll of toilet paper. Also, I would like to see some more color in the walls, as opposed to the simple white and cream tile arrangement they currently have. The tiles only cover the lower half of the walls, so the upper half could potentially be painted. All things considered, though, this is a nice, cozy bathroom.


  1. put the seat down,man!

  2. I take pictures of the facilities as-is to get a realistic feel as to how each restroom might be if you were to visit it. Unfortunately, in men's rooms, that means that often the seat is up.