Sunday, August 1, 2010

Price Chopper

2515 Erie Blvd. East, Syracuse, NY 13224
Grade: D+

I am sort of intrigued by the concept of grocery store restrooms. While they are a necessity, use of the facilities is extremely limited during the shopping experience. You cannot, obviously, bring store merchandise into the restroom. Unless you have someone with whom you can leave your cart, you either have to do your business before shopping or risk leaving your cart and merchandise unattended. As a result of these complications, I don't think I have ever actually used a grocery store's men's room.

These restrooms are so off of my radar that I didn't even really know where to look for this one. I walked around the store like a real creep, glancing down hallways and nearly wandering into several kitchens and storage rooms in the process. It turned out that the restroom was immediately to the right of the store's entrance, while I had walked left around the entire perimeter of the floor.

Anyway. The Price Chopper men's room seems to be trying to pass itself off as somewhat fancier than it is, using decorative wall tiles and bizarre paisley patterned toilet paper dispensers as a flimsy mask for astounding averageness. While the restroom is reasonably clean, the amount of graffiti on the stalls (only one stall pictured below, but the other is covered as well) drops it at least half a letter grade. The urinal does not flush very well and the paper towel dispenser hangs crooked on the wall. The wrinkled, water-stained, printer paper "Clean Team" sign comes off as terribly insincere.


  1. loving the blog ian patrick, is there a place where readers can submit their own bathroom pics and reviews?

  2. Thank for the feedback Mr. Pitts! And I highly encourage readers to submit their own pics and reviews... you can either e-mail them to or upload them to the facebook page: Send me some stuff and I'll put it up and credit you!

  3. i just have to say that when i read "The Price Chopper men's room seems to be trying to pass itself off as somewhat fancier than it is" i started laughing out loud, in my apartment, by i feel like a loser