Monday, August 16, 2010

Westcott Theater

524 Westcott St., Syracuse, NY 13210
Grade: D

I saw an episode of Judge Judy a few days ago in which a woman was suing a man for throwing up on her and ruining her dress. The woman was in attendance at a show by the man's band. She had never heard of the band, and just figured she would stop in to check it out. Midway through the set, the man reached down from the stage offered her his hand. She climbed up with him, excited to be so involved. Then, without warning, he hurled all over her. She was, of course, very upset and felt that he should pay for her ruined dress. His defense was that she should have known that he was going to throw up on her because it was a regular part of the band's act, as depicted on the flyers for the show. The venerable Judge said that, a) she would never personally attend one of this guy's shows, but even if she did, b) she would not divine from a poster depicting said man throwing up that she would herself be thrown up upon. Judgement for the plaintiff in the amount of...

What I'll say about the Westcott Theater's bathroom is that I could easily see an outraged, vomit-covered woman cleaning herself off at the sink. Granted, I'm not sure why she would be in the men's room. But still. Everything is run down and broken, with grime embedded so deep in the cracks I doubt the place could ever be clean. The stalls are a sickly split pea color. It's a hole. But is that why you're there?

By the way: I was there to see Usury, who put on a very good show (check out his Myspace page).

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