Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The University Building, 6th Floor

120 E. Washington St., Syracuse, NY 13202
Grade: B-

Walking into the University Building each morning, I feel strangely compelled to grab somebody and yell, in a snappy, exaggerated 1950s newsreel voice, that I am a writer of ad copy. The atmosphere just seems to beg for such a bizarre outburst: the marble floors, columns and steps, the deep oak and gold accents, the old-fashioned wood-paneled elevators, the sweeping staircases, the entirely unnecessary and abundantly awesome chandelier.

Given the grand entrance, one might expect the upper floors to be equally as impressive. The fact is, though, that things get blander as you ascend. The 6th floor men's room, while generally unexceptional, has just enough traits to bump it out of complete mediocrity.

Let me start by saying that the restroom is small. It might, in fact, be one of the smallest multi-toilet restrooms I have ever seen. It is so small that the trash can sits in front of the door as opposed to beside it. The receptacle literally takes up part of the portal. For its diminutive size, though, the bathroom does a lot of things right. The door does not lock, but it is tucked away in a far corner of a scarcely populated hallway (there are, for example, only two other men in my office) and allows for ultimate privacy. I have not once run into another person while using the facilities. 

This seclusion leaves the restroom quiet and peaceful. The light is fluorescent but soft. There are several modern amenities, including the single-sheet paper towel dispenser and the foam soap dispenser. Most impressive, though, is the Bay West toilet paper dispenser, which holds an incredible three full rolls that rotate into place with a simple turn of the center dial.

Though the restroom has obviously been renovated several times since the building was built in 1897, it still maintains some of its old-timey charm, manifested in the extremely ornate bronze doorknob.

This is the only men's room that I have visited so far in the building, but I've heard the one on the 7th floor is very nice. I'll check it out soon and report back.


  1. I know (from experience) that the 3rd floor ladies' room boasts tasteful 12 x 12 floor tile, 6+ stalls and a foyer with mirrors ... perhaps the 3rd floor men's room is equally palatial?

  2. Yeah, there is a whole wealth of material in that building. Are the 3rd floor restrooms unlocked?