Sunday, August 8, 2010

Laci's Tapas Bar

304 Hawley Ave., Syracuse, NY 13203
Grade: A+

I don't normally do this. This is a blog dedicated to strictly bathroom reviews and not, usually, the quality of the establishment itself. But listen: if you live in Syracuse (as I know a few of my readers do) and have not yet been to Laci's Tapas Bar, then get over there as soon as possible. This is a great little place in a converted house with an incredible menu, extremely reasonable prices, remarkably friendly staff and classy/laid back ambiance. The homemade sangria is delicious and leaves you happily buzzed after two glasses. Their grand opening event is later this month and is invitation-only for those who like their Facebook page, so do yourself a favor and jump on that. I personally plan on being there all the time, and so should you.

That said, on to the men's room. This type of scene is why I got into the bathroom reviews business in the first place. I believe the photos speak for themselves, but I'll give you the quick rundown: an exposed brick wall contrasts nicely with the opposing blue-painted wall and red-painted door. The mirror frame is of an incredibly creative design, and it is nice to see a chandelier used properly. I love the transparent standing bowl sink and framed black-and-white photography. Even the sign reminding staff members to wash their hands is gracious, decorative and inviting. It of course goes without saying that the facilities are clean as a whistle.

Are you still reading this? Get over to Laci's now!

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