Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ruby Tuesday, Carousel Mall

9613 Carousel Center, Syracuse, NY 13290
Grade: B

While not unpleasant, the Carousel Mall Ruby Tuesday men's room is shrug-inducing at best. Some decorative wall and floor tiles dress up what is otherwise a very ordinary bathroom, including manual paper towel dispenser (no hand dryers), pump soap dispensers and manual flushing toilets. The urinals are automatic, and in fact are extremely sensitive - I walked a good distance by one and it flushed. This could be a good thing (you won't have to touch anything to get it to flush) or a bad thing (you may have to explain to your date why you have water all over your crotch... but then you might want to explain why you took her to Ruby Tuesday as well).

I've been writing about tiles nonstop at work for the past two days and I've learned way more about them than I ever thought I would. I wonder what the P.E.I. rating, C.O.F. and water absorption are for these ones. Probably II, .50 and semi-vitreous, respectively. Psh. They could do a lot better.

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