Saturday, August 7, 2010


100 Montgomery St., Syracuse, NY 13202
Grade: B-

To be honest, I was pretty disappointed with this men's room. A great cafe-style French restaurant in downtown Syracuse - complete with sommelier and frequent live jazz band - L'adour should by all means have a prime restroom. The fact that it does not is, quite frankly, extremely disheartening.

Don't get me wrong; these are decent facilities. The men's room rises slightly above those of fast food joint and dive bars with its painted walls (though they could have done something more vibrant than dark beige) and insane triple mirror. The paper towel dispenser is automatic, though the flushing mechanisms, soap dispenser and sink are not.

But when I saw the "toilettes" sign on the door, I was expecting something creative and French-themed. Instead, the very first thing I saw was... a Guiness poster. Srsly? Guiness? The incongruity is astounding. Je ne comprends pas. The sommelier recommended an incredible semi-sweet French white wine whose name I couldn't even begin to pronounce to go with the veal and lobster dish. I don't understand the need to advertise the only Irish beer that Americans drink on the bathroom wall.

Beyond the modest stylistic touches mentioned above, the L'adour men's room just doesn't have that much going for it. The counter is thin and made of cheap wood with a cheesy fake-fancy plastic coating. Beneath the sink itself, the plumbing is all over the place and unsightly.

Look - there is no denying that this is a halfway nice restroom that does just enough to get itself out of complete mediocrity. I just wish they bothered to raise their restroom standards to those of their service and food.

In short, I did not particularly l'adour this restroom.*

*Author's note: as it turns out, L'adour means "The Adour," and the restaurant is named after the Adour river in southwestern France. Even if it had been "adore," meaning love, then I would have said "I did not particularly the love this restroom."

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