Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches

103 Marshall St., Syracuse, NY 13210
Grade: B

When I review a men's room with a locking door, I tend to take far too many photographs. I'm so used to sneaking around in public restrooms trying to get some shots off when no one is around that I go a little crazy when I'm able to. This review - for a small Jimmy's John's bathroom with nothing particularly exceptional about it - has nine pictures. Goodness gracious.

It's a clean little bathroom with some nice tiling, above average floor detail and quirky wall accoutrements to set it apart. The sink is manual and drains a little slow, but it provides good temperature control. Manual soap dispenser (with orange liquid soap) and paper towel dispenser. All of the facilities are modern and in good working order. The lack of a urinal is a bit of a drawback, especially since, upon closer inspection, I found some liquids remaining on the toilet seat. I feel that the sign on the wall might expound on this issue, but it's in German. I tried "bitte im sitzen pilken" on and it came up with "please in that sit pee." This is very funny. Anyway, it would be nice to not have to lift the seat.

There is a little bit of graffiti scratched into the upper right hand corner of the mirror, but it's not entirely noticeable or bothersome.



  2. Donuts!

    I thought you would appreciate that. My bf sent it to me today when I told him my tummy hurt.