Friday, August 13, 2010

Anthony's Pasta Bar

126 East Genesee St., Syracuse, NY 13202
Grade: B-

Anthony's unisex restroom is small but nice enough. The walls are painted a cream color, and the cappuccino artwork is fitting. There are wooden floors and an incredibly effective raspberry air freshener sitting on the back of the toilet. The soap dispenser is empty, but there is a pump bottle sitting on the sink. Water temperature control is decent.

There are a few cosmetic issues with the bathroom that are holding it back, such as an exposed electrical fitting hanging from the ceiling and some unsightly plumbing. The biggest problem, though, is the door. The lock in the knob is busted, and a small latch that fits into a hole drilled in the frame is the substitute. The fit is a little off, though, and the door does not close firmly.

Also: there is a long, narrow, somewhat creepy hallway leading back to the restroom.


  1. that hallway looks scary.

  2. And that picture is facing the restaurant and the windows. I tried taking it facing the other way, towards the restroom, and it was too dark to come out on my phone's camera.

  3. What is up with that latch?! I'm terrified.