Saturday, September 11, 2010

Regal Carousel Mall Stadium 17

9586 Carousel Center, Syracuse, NY 13290
Grade: C+

There is very little to set this movie theater restroom apart from others. The urinals are set up in such a way that if you stand at the furthest one to the right, you are a single step away from people in the lobby being able to see you. Props to the single Xlerator dryer, but auto-flushing toilets and urinals would have been nice.

One interesting thing is that the condom-type dispenser on the wall is not filled with condoms at all, but instead with breath mints and a knockoff Calvin Klein cologne. As far as I can tell, these are items that are (at least in theory) more likely to cause a pregnancy than to prevent it. I see this as being terribly irresponsible on the part of the theater owners.

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  1. when LIFE just can't wait...

    you take ice drops and splash on some cK cologne? what is this - 1996? i'm pretty sure they had condoms in 1996.