Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Carousel Center, Food Court

9090 Carousel Center, Syracuse, NY 13290
Grade: D

Here we have quite the contradiction: a restroom that seems to highly value convenience -- hence the automatic flushers so proudly advertised below, as well as automatic faucets, three-roll toilet paper dispensers, a changing station, a hand sanitizer dispenser at the entrance/exit and two different types of automatic hand dryers -- and completely neglects cleanliness. 

The place smells like, well, shit. And it has on every occasion that I have had the honor of visiting it. The stall doors are heavily scratched and graffitied. The stalls are cramped and the toilets are absolutely disgusting, to the point that you would never want to touch them -- even through a wadded-up piece of toilet paper -- if you had to put the seat down. Water drips ominously when no other patrons are around. All of this, yet their supposed goal is perfection, per the sign below. And what is the point of contacting Customer Service to complain if the facilities are just fundamentally evil? Are the staff members experienced at performing exorcisms?

I noticed that there is a "No Smoking" sign hanging on the wall between the urinals and the stalls. Perhaps they should consider allowing smoking in the facilities, if only for a brief period. It might actually help the place smell a bit better.

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  1. Dude. This is SO TRUE (even from the ladies' room perspective). UGH.