Friday, April 15, 2011

Starbucks, Wexford

100 Vip Drive, Wexford, PA 15090-6928
Grade: B

Though this Starbucks men's room is fairly nice (as expected), it was slightly on the stinky side upon my viewing. I would also think that a company like Starbucks would at least attempt to give off an image of environmental friendliness by providing an automatic hand dryer as opposed to just a paper towel dispenser, but this is not the case. There are also no automatic fixtures to speak of, and there was a high amount of condensation on the urinal lever, making for an unpleasant flushing experience (which, perhaps, is why the patron before me did not bother to flush it at all).

The dual-colored walls are pretty though, as are the decorative wooden mirror frame and vanity light.

This might be the occasion to bring up an annoyance I have been experiencing (but not really menitoning) in several restrooms recently. The toilet paper dispenser used in this bathroom is of the dual-roll design, with one roll being stored on a track above the other. The idea is that when the first roll is empty, one moves the second roll into place and it slides down the track so that the user can retrieve the paper. The problem with this system is that when the second roll drops down, it sits on top of the first (now empty) roll, which causes a good deal of friction and prevents the new roll from rotating smoothly. As a result, I often find that several small amounts of toilet paper are accidentally torn free at a time. These small amounts then need to be collected and wadded into a larger, useable portion, which is somewhat inconvenient and frustrating. Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?

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