Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sheetz #299, Grove City

1931 Butler Pike, Grove City, PA 16127
Grade: D

Well, now we know that this was not a fluke.

I could be wrong, but it has always seemed to be that Sheetz attempts to differentiate itself from other convenience stores/gas stations with its focus on food service, incidents involving intoxicated athletes (RIP)  and all-around hugeness. I worked in the wholesale grocery and tobacco distribution industry for some time, and it does seem that, in general, Sheetz wants you to think of it as something other than an everyday gas station.

But based solely on their men's rooms, it isn't. This is an entirely different location than the one that I visited in March, but it suffers from many of the same problems: water and paper towels all over the floor, a dirty sink, a "wet floor" sign despite the fact that the facilities did not seem to have been thoroughly cleaned anytime recently. This restroom had the added bonuses of a toilet that had not been flushed and whose seat was sprayed with urine (I spared you a close-up photo), as well as an extra toilet paper roll perched, for some reason, on top of the condom dispenser. Also, this Sheetz has decided to display not one but two signs promising the cleanliness of its restrooms. I contacted them regarding the state of the last one I reviewed, and I am certainly going to contact them about this one. But come on, Sheetz. This is getting old.

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  1. They can get away with it because both rest stops on the highway just before or after the grove city exit are horrendous.