Saturday, April 2, 2011

Marcal Small Steps: Be kind to the environment, be kind to your butt

I consider myself to be a bit of a toilet paper connoisseur. I tend to purchase the softest, strongest toilet paper that I can find for home use, and I routinely give high scores to establishments that employ luxurious toilet paper in their facilities. The bathroom, I have always felt, is one place where you should never skimp on comfort -- especially if you are eating a healthy diet that includes plenty of fiber, fruit, vegetables and water, which will lead you to spend a bit more time than usual on the can.

While toilet paper is undoubtedly a commodity that we will never be able to do without, the sheer volume of it used by consumers and businesses has some serious environmental repercussions. This consideration lead me to purchase Marcal Small Steps recycled bath tissue. Their website will tell you more about the product itself, but I can attest that, aside from its environmentally friendly design, the toilet paper is strong and comfortable. I encourage you to do some research and see what kind of a difference you could make with one small change to your everyday life.

Also, Marcal provides this nifty calculator to see just how many trees your family or business could save over the course of one year:

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