Sunday, April 3, 2011

Palace Theater

Grade: C-

The Palace Theater's men's room is pretty serviceable, but is lacking in two key areas -- water temperature and the inclusion of a mirror. The water was frigid during the entirety of my hand-washing process, and there is no mirror to speak of. These are two oversights that are pretty hard to ignore.

But the facilities are not without a certain charm. The restroom's location (it lies down a flight of stairs and beneath the theater lobby), age (the theater was built in the 1920s) and low ceilings give it a cool (as in temperature), subterranean feel that remind me of an old European church. Everything was also very clean, and the foaming hand soap (though dispensed from a store-bought bottle) had a pleasant floral scent.

I visited the theater for a screening of Pope Joan, which was utterly ridiculous but entertaining nonetheless. The film is based on the novel by Syracuse author Donna Woolfolk Cross, which I get the feeling is probably better than the movie. Good bathroom reading, perhaps?

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