Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Crazy Mocha, Bloomfield

4525 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15224-1830
Grade: B

Though I've only been away from Pittsburgh for 10 months, the Crazy Mocha men's room seems cleaner than I remember. Perhaps this is only a nostalgic effect of being in the city again, but the cleanliness does seem genuine.

The walls are painted in warm colors, and though there is a copious amount of graffiti -- including a very large volume scratched into the mirror -- it fits the coffee shop's hip vibe and is mostly in good taste (ex: "Danny DeVito is older than you think"). The establishment could elevate the facilities by adding a few more decorative/convenient touches, but for now it is pretty decent.

The one drawback I should mention: though this is a single restroom with a locking door, the door seems very thin and you can hear almost everything going on in the coffee shop around you. This does slightly diminish the sense of privacy.

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