Sunday, March 27, 2011

Acacia Club (Scottish Rite)

348 Market St, Williamsport, PA 17701-6315
Grade: C

Given the overall elegance of the Acacia Club/Scottish Rite's interior, the men's room does come across as a bit of a letdown. There simply is not anything here to raise the facilities above those commonly found in fast food restaurants and gas stations. The wall and floor tiles are standard issue, and everything -- from the urinals to the soap dispenser -- is manually operated. The paper towel dispenser, though bland and even a little worse for the wear (with a somewhat loose lever), carries the misleadingly awesome name of "MAX2000." 

Extra rolls of toilet paper are perched precariously above the toilet bowls, and while I appreciate having the extra TP on hand, there does seem to be a fairly large risk of these being accidentally knocked into the water below. If you are concerned about the availability of toilet paper, why not go the extra mile and install a second toilet paper roll holder in each stall?

I also encountered some confusion while attempting to enter the restroom in the first place. While the door does not lock, the door knob also does not turn and the door itself is simply pulled or pushed to be opened. However, since the doorknob does not turn, it lends the illusion that the restroom is locked and that one must wait in the hallway outside for the facilities to become unoccupied. Was my face red when, several minutes later, a gentleman (obviously familiar with the premises) walked past me and simply pushed his way on through.

Though this may seem like a lot of criticism, this really is a perfectly clean, average public restroom that should serve any man just fine. The small negative details tend to jump out in bathrooms that otherwise have very few distinguishable features.

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