Tuesday, March 29, 2011

La Taqueria

409 South Clinton Street, Syracuse, NY 13202-1240
Grade: B

Here is a nice little bathroom. It has a few minor decorative touches, including patterned wall tiles and some floral paintings that look somewhat like they belong on a grandmother's sweatshirt, and was very clean given how packed the establishment was during my visit. There is a strangely large number of doors -- there are two in addition to the entrance -- but they are painted a pleasant violet color and do not detract from the setting at all. The paper towel dispenser provides hands-free operation, which is always convenient.

There are really only two drawbacks here. First of all, this is a unisex bathroom and it is the only one in the restaurant. I could see this causing problems during their busier hours. Second, this is not the restroom to choose if you value peace and quiet while accomplishing your business. It is directly off of the dining room, and therefore very noisy (again, during peak hours).

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