Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pho Kim 88

4100 Library Rd # 3, Pittsburgh, PA 15234-1351
Grade: B+

Though a Vietnamese restaurant by nature, Pho Kim 88's men's room reflects (mostly) European decor. Not that this is a problem; while a little kitschy, the vines above the mirror and the column topped with scented candle and flowers beside the urinal are nevertheless nice touches. Further, the mass-produced art hanging on the wall is of a clearly European street scene, complete with cafe and chocolatier. The one Vietnamese accent -- the large, gold hand fan hanging beside the mirror -- contrasts very nicely with the deep red wall paint.

This would all be for naught if the restroom itself was unclean, but it seems to be very well maintained. While the urinal is a little low for my tastes (its bottom hangs only a few inches from the floor), the fact that is a single-person, locking bathroom is extremely convenient and lends the facilities a cozy, personal feel.

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