Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goldstein Auditorium, Top Floor, Schine Student Center

303 University Pl, Syracuse, NY 13210
Grade: C+

I'm going to do something I generally don't do here - I am going to give the Schine Student Center the benefit of the doubt. This is a generally average men's room, albeit equipped with automatic toilet, urinals and paper towel dispenser. And despite the disarray in the images below - paper towels and toilet paper on the floor, paper towels in one of the urinals - one gets the feeling that there are clean facilities buried beneath it all.

This is where the benefit of the doubt comes in. I viewed the restroom around 9:30pm on a Saturday evening, which is undoubtedly well past the working hours of whoever is responsible for cleaning it. More importantly, though, is that the occasion of my visit to the Goldstein Auditorium was to take in a Diplo DJ set. Possibly as a direct result of said festivities, while approaching the restroom I observed a group of rather intoxicated students huddled around a substantially more intoxicated student, who had taken it upon herself to fall over. Now, I can't blame these kids for partying pretty hard during a live performance by the man who is partially responsible for this album...

...but I certainly can understand why the restrooms would be slightly messier than usual given the circumstances. Given a proper cleaning (which I am assuming it receives regularly, considering the overall great condition of the bathroom), this could be a comfortable, out-of-the-way place to relieve oneself.

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