Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gate House, Chatham University

5918 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Grade: A

The Chatham University Gate House offers a good example of what you can do with an otherwise unexceptional men's room. Though equipped with only the basics -- a standard paper dispenser and soap dispenser, as well as manually operated sink, toilet and urinal -- the decor lends the facilities a warm, comfortable ambience. Along with the peach-colored walls and the coordinating floor tiles, they have included a few countertop decorations (two small baskets and a sort of antique-looking chest) and some vanity lighting. Everything is very clean and obviously frequently attended to.

The one complaint I have is that the flush-mounted soap dispenser gives it a somewhat awkward pumping angle. You almost have to turn your hand sideways in order to pump the soap into your palm. This is a minor inconvenience, though, amidst an otherwise pleasant restroom experience.

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