Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tim Hortons, Cortland

141 Clinton Avenue, Cortland, NY 13045-1317
Grade: B+

The high quality of this Tim Horton's men's room was certainly unexpected. This is not to knock the establishment itself; I have actually found that the majority of stand-alone Tim Hortons are very modern and clean in general. But one does tend to, however unintentionally, assume things about the restroom of a fast food donut and coffee place.

This men's room erased those assumptions immediately. While these are basically utilitarian facilities done up with decorative tile, the room is nonetheless clean, pleasant and easy on the eyes. The hand dryer is small yet powerful, and the single-occupant bathroom offers a locking door for privacy. While there are a few improvements that could be made to bump it up to elite class -- the soap dispenser is a very standard pump model, and is filled with ordinary pink liquid soap -- this is an overall diamond in the rough.

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